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Automotive Photography by Dan Nitzh


Automotive Photography by Dan Nitzh


About Me

For as long as I can remember, I've been utterly obsessed with cars. I remember the feeling of rounding a corner as a child to see something beautiful and sleek fill my vision. My photography looks to capture that sudden feeling of wonder and giddy excitement that one feels when they see a brilliant automobile come into view.

I like to think of my automotive work as a sort of street approach to car photography. That is, I prefer to hit the streets of the local cities around me to photograph cars in their natural settings rather than photograph them on a deserted lot somewhere. It is this context which allows for the viewer to place themselves into the scene as an onlooker.

Prints and Book

Prints of any photos on this website are available in various sizes. Email danitzh@gmail.com for details and pricing.

Also, I've just published a book containing many of the photos you see here! Stalked: Automotive Street Photography

Paid shoots

Have a car in the Metro Detroit area and interested in a shoot? Let me know! Email me at danitzh@gmail.com

Did you get a hold of one of my cards at a show or on the street? Shoot me an email and let me know! I'm always looking to reconnect with owners and get their thoughts. danitzh@gmail.com
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